Thursday, September 13

Mixed Media Art Block Painting

Art block girl number 2 is done and ready to be scanned and sealed....I think. I'm never quite sure. I love creating these quirky girls! I will enjoy having them around my home, too. Any name suggestions for her?

My creative streak continues! Every day in September means 12 straight days so far. I know that may not seem like much to some, but to me it's huge. Maybe soon I'll make a more personal blog post and talk about my creative struggles, but for now...pass the Cobalt Teal, please?

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litsje said...

I like your girl ... no names come to mind .... Exept cutealicious

Rischa said...

Cutealicious.....I love that! Thank you, litsje!!

Unknown said...

Your work reminds me of Mystele Rischa! It is wonderful and I love the bright punchy colours.


Rischa said...

Thank you so much, Roberta! That's a wonderful compliment! I love Mystele's work! I love yours, too! xoxo