Monday, September 3

Block Head

I've continued playing with the 4x4 art blocks. I'm finding the size and the inexpensive substrate to be freeing. If I mess the whole thing up, who cares!? I guess with anything you can gesso over what you don't like. Still, though, there's something about these that takes the pressure off.

I finished up the cupcake. It just needs a spray seal and I plan to do that outside when more are complete.

Here are the ones I'm working on now.

I really like how these backgrounds turned out. The color combos make me happy. I intend to draw faces on both, but we'll see how I'm feeling tomorrow. I change my mind more often than anyone I know!

Here's a closer look at the texture on the blueish green colored one.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Joel said...

I'm always impressed with your creativity! Keep up the good work! <3