Thursday, July 31

Couple of Paintings

I thought I'd post a couple of my paintings since it's been too long since I blogged.

First up is a beach scene done entirely with a pallet knife. That was fun!

The second is the one and only oil painting I've done. It's fruit, as you can see, with an antique finish surrounding it. That was done by dabbing a piece of plastic wrap into the paint and blotting it onto the canvas.

Thursday, July 24

Humming Birds

Long time no post....sorry 'bout that! I suck! Anyway, on to the post....

Check out this ridiculously cool animated drawing:

Click to see hummer drawing

And if this inspires you to draw your own hummer, you might find this tutorial useful:

Click for Tutorial

I have tried to photograph hummers before with no luck. I bought 2 feeders and didn't see the first one. All I got was a bunch of bugs that sting drinking from the feeders. LOL Maybe it was the wrong time of year? Maybe the humming birds drink in the morning, while night owls like me are sleeping? Who knows! But if you'd like to build your own feeder, here are some instructions for you:

Feeder Instructions <----click there!

Or maybe your art of choice is cross stitching? Yep, I have a link for you, too!

Pattern <-----Click there then print it!

As you may have figured by now, I'm cheating a little bit with this post. I found a whole page worth of Humming Bird info, art, and eye-candy. You can find the ORIGINAL page below:

The Original!! <---Don't click there yet............okay, NOW click! :-P

Yeah, I could have just offered up THAT link to begin with, but then I would have had nothing to post! You all like reading all of my yammering, don't you? Come on....lie to me and tell me you love it! You know you do!

Sunday, July 13

Vinyl Art

Have you ever heard of Vinyl (as in records, albums, things that played music before CDs, tapes, and MP3 players) Art? Me neither until I found THIS! Of course, my favorite is the Poppies. I love Poppy paintings for some reason. Which is probably the reason behind the post below this one.

No art in any form from me lately, unless you count the pile of brushes beside my easel as art? Nah....didn't think so.