Wednesday, July 31

July Face Challenge: Complete!

Here she is! The girl that brings my personal challenge to create a face a day to an end!

She's painted on sheet music that I glued down to cardboard using gel medium. I do plan to complete this painting. The face, though, was the challenge. I wanted her to match the other photos, so I stopped before doing a background.

The above photo, as well as all of the other squared photos I've shared during this challenge, were taken with Hipstamatic or Hipstamatic's Oogl app. Both are made by the same people and results are the same.

The Calendar in the first image is from the Collect Photo App. It reminds you to get your photo for each day.

This photo is an unedited iPhone photo using the standard camera app. The Hipstamatic photos blow out some of the detail in the paintings, so once I got started sharing photos with that app I regretted it. I wanted to be consistent, though. Ya live, ya learn, right?!

I don't think I'll be doing any challenges in August, but I do plan to keep up this momentum of painting daily/most days.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Tuesday, July 30

2 More Girlies and 1 To Go

Yep, I've almost finished my July challenge! Just 1 more girlie to go! Yay! I'm kind of ready to move on to something else. Even if it's just a complete girlie on an actual painting.

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Monday, July 29

Flowers and Girlies

Joel gave me flowers. Aren't they pretty! He surprises me randomly with things like this. He's a keeper. :)

I'm glad I have the flower photo to share, because the last 2 girlies aren't much to look at. I guess the black haired girl is ok-ish, but neither really turned out right. I've been trying new paint colors and brands along with different techniques. Sometimes it works, but not in the last few days.

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Friday, July 26

2 More Girlies In my Art Journal

This girl might be my favorite so far. I love the pink haired girls the most, and this one most of all. She's from yesterday.

The girl from today gave me a little trouble. I can definitely notice a difference in them on the days I'm hungry, tired, in a rush, or have a lot on my mind. I should have had dinner and a nap before this one. But all in all I do still like how she turned out.

Both of these girls are larger than any of the others. That's why there's only 2 to 1 page. 

In other exciting news, I just booked my spot in Tracy Verdugo's Paint Mojo Workshop in St. Pete Beach this October!! Woohoo!!! I can't wait! If she gets another free spot in the class between now and then Mom will go with me! Yay! I'm hoping to stay on the beach. Is it October yet?!!


Wednesday, July 24

3 More Cuties

I have 3 more girlies to share with you today. 2 that I actually like. 1 that, let's just say, I learned from. Haha! The poor little blond girl that I painted earlier today isn't so good. I tried a few new things with her and the new things aren't keepers. But that's how you learn, right? I really do love the other 2, so I'm not beating myself up over the last girl.

July 22 Girl

July 23 Girl

July 24 Girl

Have a great hump day!

Monday, July 22

Continuing On

I'm still having fun creating these cutie characters. 

Here are the latest...

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, July 17


Here are some girlies from the past few days. All of them are done on heavy, mixed media paper. I used craft paints, watercolor crayons, pen, pencil, and charcoal. The photos were taken using the Oogl app on my phone.

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Sunday, July 14

The July Challenge Continues!

I'm still on track with my July challenge of making one of these cute, little characters each day. This past week and the coming week will prove to be a real challenge because of busy schedules, but I'm determined. Here are the girls that I've created since I last blogged. 

The first one is an older, closer to realistic, girl. I really enjoyed creating her. I will do more of these types of girls on the days I have more time. Like maybe next month? The rest are the young, round faced cuties.

I saved this poor girl for last because she's a bit of an ugly duckling. I must not have been paying attention or wearing my glasses when I created her. Poor thing! I'm sure she'll grow up to be a swan, though. ;-)

Thanks for stopping by! 


Saturday, July 6

Paint Happy

The title of this post is "Paint Happy". Not because I've been doing so much painting, which I totally have, but because I'm taking a class with Micki Wilde called Paint Happy. It's one of the best classes I've taken. It's laid back and fun, while at the same time, very informative and full of techniques! One of my biggest problems when I paint is tensing up and trying to be perfect. This class is teaching me to embrace the happy accidents and have fun with the messiness. I had so much fun painting my first girl or two in Micki's style that I decided to paint one every single day in July. It's not so much for practice drawing or painting, but for making time for creativity every single day. Even if it's only an hour. It takes me less than an hour start to finish to make one of these little faces. That includes prep time and clean up.

Here are the cutie pies up close. The first 2 are my favorites. They weren't the first 2 I created, but they're my faves.

Thanks for stopping by!