Monday, September 29

" opportunity for the mind to be quiet."

I'd love to have a life like this man....

....the large studio, the huge canvases, the multitude of paint. What fun he must have, right?

I wonder if that's modeling paste he's using to make the texture. He uses so much of it and that stuff is expensive. Maybe it's on his site somewhere:

I'm still enjoying my Suzi Blu Mixed Media Class. I took a quick pic with my cell phone of a WIP. (Work In Progress) I'm going to work on her more tonight after I post this. I figured it was time to stop neglecting my blogs. Anyway, keep in mind that I haven't edited the photo, so you'll just have to tilt your head to see it. *Laughing* It's up at the top. I haven't figured Blogger out yet. I still don't really remember how I've made some photos appear in the correct spot and some appear at the top. Oh'll see it either way. Even if the text is separate from the pic.

Monday, September 1

My Pretty Girls

Here are a few photos of how my pretty girl drawing is coming along. It's mostly just eye practice. Once I get that I can go on to the other stuff.

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