Friday, November 28

Mixed Media, Abstract, and Encaustic Paintings Video and Other News

I'm trying my hand at video making again, so the above video is a slide show of my mixed media, abstract, and encaustic paintings. Some of them are sold and some are still available. I have not included my most recent works as I plan to do more videos soon with the new paintings.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any tips for using iMovie 09 or YouTube. I haven't upgraded to iLife with the newer version of iMovie, so keep that in mind if you're leaving me tips. 

In other news, I'm enjoying an Abstract Workshop with a local artist named Liz Wincup. It's a 6 week workshop given through Mount Dora Center for the Arts. We create a new painting or finish different exercises each week. I'm learning so much from her and have already been recognized by Liquitex for one of the paintings I did in her workshop. It was chosen and shared by their Instagram account as one of their weekly paintings. 

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And last, but not least, I have decided to end my time as a resident artist at Painting Outside The Lines Gallery. I enjoyed my time there very much, but I missed being at home in my own studio with my little weena dogs by my side. With Joel's schedule he ended up being home a lot of the time I was at the gallery, too. And I won't miss giving up my Saturdays with friends. Or parking. Parking was a beast when you have to carry an arm load of paint, brushes, canvases, your lunch, etc...! I did enjoy my time there with Bev and will miss spending so much time with her and meeting the locals or tourists enjoying their day in Mount Dora. My work will still be exhibited there, though, so please stop by and tell Bev that Rischa sent you. She has some fabulous new pieces in the gallery by new artists and she also has lots of new bike pieces of her own.

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, September 18

Paintings On Exhibit at Painting Outside The Lines Gallery

I haven't been updating with new paintings, so here are a few (or more than a few) that are now on exhibit (or were previously exhibited) at Painting Outside The Lines Gallery in Mount Dora, Florida.

36x36" Acrylic. Supplies: Liquitex Light Modeling Paste on back stapled canvas.
Matisse and Golden Paints.

30x30" Acrylic. Supplies: Liquitex Light Modeling Paste on back stapled canvas.
Matisse and Golden Paints.

8x10" mixed media on back stapled canvas. (SOLD) Archival prints available.

16x20" Acrylic. Supplies: Back stapled canvas and Golden Paints.

I forget the size of this one because I don't have my list with me, but it's something like 16x40" on gallery wrapped canvas. Mixed media. This one would look nice grouped with the poppies as it is displayed at the gallery.

8x10" Mixed Media on back stapled canvas. Supplies: Golden Fluid Acrylics.

I have lots more to share, but this entry is image heavy enough. I'll save the rest for a later date. 

If interested in purchasing any of these paintings or archival prints please email me at I do accept payment plans. Please allow several weeks for shipping as I have broken my toe and will not be able to ship for at least a couple of weeks. Or, if you're local, you can purchase these paintings or prints directly at Painting Outside The Lines Gallery in Mount Dora, Florida.

Saturday, September 13

Encaustic Shellac Burn

I'm laying in bed with a broken toe, but that doesn't mean I can't get things done, right? So I thought I'd update my blog.

Here's an encaustic painting I did to be featured at last night's Art Stroll. I finished the painting with a shellac burn, which is what you'll be seeing in the video.

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Thursday, August 14

Photo A Day July 2014

Since the last blog entry published successfully, let's try a movie! I decided to take a photo to document each day in July. This video is a slide show of each of those photos.

YouTube Video

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I'm Alive! And Bloggging!

Here are a few of the snapshots, paintings, and works in progress from the past few months. There are lots more, but I'm not spending too much time typing up this blog entry in case it doesn't go through like the last few times I've tried. So if you're reading this....yay!! It went through!

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Thursday, May 22

MK Glam Voxbox

A few weeks ago I received my first Voxbox from I signed up after hearing you could win free loot from them if you agree to talk about it via social media. I never really expected to be one of the ones chosen for a Voxbox, but I was!! Yay! Look at all of this awesome beauty booty! I have started trying things one by one. I tried the lipstick first, but it wasn't a flattering shade for my skin tone. So I gave it to a family member. Next up is the bronzer and mascara. I'm wearing both today and let me tell ya.....they're wonderful!! Especially the mascara!! I'll be ordering more soon!

I decided to take a selfie since the gallery traffic is slow today. The bronzer doesn't really show as well in this photo, but you can see the mascara.

I'll try the blush and powder next, I think. Oh, I almost forgot! I did try the brushes and they're great, too. If I were home I'd leave specific names of the items, but I'm not. If you have questions leave a comment and I'll answer.

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Friday, April 25

My Latest Painting

Here's my latest painting, "A Bird In The Bush". It's a large one at 24"x48". It's signed, sealed, and currently exhibited at Painting Outside The Lines Gallery in Mount Dora, Florida.

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Friday, April 18

Sneak Peeks

In the interest of updating the blog more often, I'll be posting shorter blog entries here and there. They will be mostly iPhone shots of my work. Maybe that will get me in the habit of updating regularly and will lead to more juicy updates. Here's hoping! 

I completed a painting while at the gallery today. I will photograph it as soon as we get a sunny day here in Florida. In the mean time, here are some sneak peeks. 

Thursday, April 10

Google 360 of Painting Outside The Lines Gallery

View Larger Map

Isn't that cool?! I just love that I can say my artwork is on Google 360 Street View! I was incredibly lucky that Bev scheduled them to come out after I hung my work. To see my work on the wall you'll need to walk into the second room. The lovely artwork in the first room is by Bev Neal, the owner of the gallery. So you'll want to go left into the next room. My work is on the half that's nearer to the door. You'll see my Sea Turtle, Butterfly, Fish, Birds, Doxie, etc... And some of my prints are hanging. It has changed a little bit since the Google guy came out, but that's the nature of the gallery world, right? One of those pieces of mine has been sold to a lady that lives in Israel. The small one to the left of the door titled, "Happy Little Flowers".

By the way, if I hadn't announced it before, I am now an Artist In Residence at Painting Outside The Lines Gallery. My schedule is subject to change, but as of now I'm there Thurs-Saturday 12-5. Tomorrow is the Second Friday Art Stroll, so we'll get there at 2 and stay until 9. Look for me in the Serendipity Exhibit. I have a small cart set up and an easel so I can paint between gallery patrons coming through. Come out and see me if you're in the area!

Wednesday, March 12

Mount Dora Art Festival and Other Goings On

Lotus Blossom - February 2014

Okay, so I guess I dropped the ball on keeping the old blog updated, didn't I! But I'm here now. I've had a lot going on. I enjoyed being a part of my first Mount Dora Art Festival. I didn't have a booth, but I was on the main street in Artist Alley painting my heart out! I created the above painting the first day and the two smaller ones below on day two. 

Happy Little Butterfly - February 2014

Happy Little Flowers - February 2014

I've also painted during the Mount Dora 2nd Friday Art Strolls. Here's the one I completed that's shown in the photos from the previous blog entry.

Plenty Of Fish In The Sea - January 2014

And here are a few shots of weekend before last when Bev left me to run her beautiful gallery. She took all of her pieces to South Florida for an art show down there, so she let me move my pieces to the main gallery. Saturday her assistant, Mary, helped, but Sunday it was just me and Joel. I sold a few things of mine and learned a few things, too. It was a really fun experience. I chatted quite a bit with the gallery patrons. During the down times I sketched in my watercolor journal. I don't have photos of that quite yet.

Very sweet gallery patrons that purchased 3 of my prints. 

My artwork on the walls of the main gallery and prints in the Serendipity Gallery.

There are 3 galleries that are a part of Painting Outside The Lines; Artist Alley, Serendipity, and Bev Neal Gallery. My work was hanging in the Bev Neal Gallery on this particular weekend and some of my prints were there, and some were in the Serendipity Gallery.

My painting, In The Deep End, was on the easel as you walk up the stairs.

Vintage bike that holds Bike Festival Posters Bev has in the gallery. She painted the poster images for 2 years in a row.

Panorama of Bev Neal Gallery with my work on the walls. Bev had a couple of hers still hanging, too.

My happy helper hanging out in Bev's office.

And now for some of the other paintings that you can see right now in Artist Alley presented by Painting Outside The Lines Gallery

Sea Turtle - January 2014

Butterfly - January 2014

Long Little Doggie - December 2013

Forest Birds - December 2013

.....and many more! I'll share more of them later since this blog entry is already image heavy.

Oh, and I can't remember if I said before, but Bev invited me to stay throughout the month of March. Yay! I'll be there again painting live this Friday during the 2nd Friday Art Stroll form 6-8. Come out and see me if you're local! :-)

Saturday, January 11

Painting In Person at Paint Outside The Lines in Mount Dora, FL

Yesterday evening, as mentioned in my previous blog entry, I painted live in Artist Alley at Painting Outside The Lines Gallery in Mount Dora, FL. I had been nervous about it the whole week, which I believe I also mentioned in the previous post. I was downright scared up until the moment I got there. It's never as bad as you imagine in your head, right? And it wasn't bad at all! It was pretty darn fun, actually! I chatted it up with lots of Paint Outside The Lines and One Flight Up patrons. They seemed to enjoy seeing my work and talking about the other artists exhibiting during the Art Stroll. I handed out cards and had my bio up, which seemed to spark a bit of interest, too. All in all it was a wonderful experience. I couldn't have done it without my support team, though. A large and special THANK YOU goes out to Melissa, Rob, and, of course, Joel. We joked about them being my entourage. Someone asked if there was another artist in the next room painting. When I told them it was my support team they said, "Oh, you have groupies!" I just giggled. No, they're not groupies. But they were very much needed and appreciated. 

I left a 24x24x1.75 work at the gallery as a preview for the upcoming exhibition in February.

Here's a photo of Artist Alley. The windows to the left of the photo look into the room where Melissa, Rob, and Joel were hanging out. The windows were open so I chatted with them during the evening. To the right are the other parts of the gallery.

Here's a shot of me through the window. Joel snapped this one with his iPhone while I wasn't looking. 

Here are the stairs you need to climb to come see me and my work during the month of February. Or now if you'd like to see the painting I have there at the moment. You'll see tons of beautiful work there by other artists, as well.

From outside.

I wish I had better photos to share than these iPhone snapshots. I had my hands full, though.

I hope to see you all come out in February!

Wednesday, January 8

New Society6 Shop

I have opened a new shop over at Society6. Go check it out if you're interested in prints! I only have 3 paintings there at the moment, but I will slowly be adding more as time permits. The weather has to cooperate with me so I can get more photos of my newer paintings. I'll also be adding products, like phone cases, pillows, mugs, etc... I'm sharing my new shop before I intended to share it because they have a free shipping promotion going on right now if you use this link.

If for some reason that link doesn't work, just copy and paste the url below:

Happy Hump Day!
(Did you say "hump day" in the camel's voice? I did!)

Sunday, January 5


As Friday nears my nerves about painting in front of an audience are taking over. Nothing worth having is easy, though, right?! I'll push through.

The image behind the quote is a piece of a painting I'm working on today. I started 3 new ones last night, so I'm rotating between them as they dry.

The quote is by Anais Nin.


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Friday, January 3

Live Painting January 10th

I'll be painting live and in person during the Mount Dora Art Stroll on January 10th!! Come see me in Artist Alley at Painting Outside The Lines Gallery from 6-8 PM. The address is in the previous post and in the banner to the right.

The image above is a collage of bits and pieces of a work in progress. When it's complete, the original will be available at Painting Outside The Lines Gallery. Prints will be available at

I hope everyone is off to a wonderful 2014!! Here are a couple of images that I've yet to share. :-)

Socks from Joel.

Me and my beautiful friend, Melissa.

And a beautiful mess.

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Wednesday, January 1

My First Gallery Show in Downtown Mount Dora Florida

My first gallery show is coming up this February!!! I will be exhibiting in Artist Alley Exhibit Hall presented by Painting Outside The Lines Gallery. If you've never visited beautiful Mount Dora, Florida and have the means to do so, February is the best time to visit for art lovers. The Mount Dora Art Fest is the best I've ever seen and it takes place the first weekend in February. If you're more of a small events person, they also have an Art Stroll the second Friday of every month. All of the galleries stay open late and a lot of the shops, too. Either way, if you're in the area I would love for you to attend my show! The address is in the poster image above.

Paint Outside The Lines Gallery is such a fun place. You'll see Artist Alley first thing after you go up the stairs to the gallery. It's just to the left of One Flight Up Cafe.

Here's a little video of the gallery owner, Bev Neal, talking about Painting Outside The Lines.

I would love to see some of my blog readers there!! If you visit while I'm not in the gallery tell Bev that Rischa sent you. 

Happy New Year, Blog Readers!! I hope your 2014 is filled with blessings!