Sunday, September 9

Miscellaneous Going Ons

This work in progress is what's on my work bench at the moment. I'll try to finish her details (hair, lips, eyes, clothing, etc...) tomorrow.

I did decide to paint the edges of the last girl.

I did a a few other details, too, even though I THOUGHT I was done.

I've continued my streak of creativity. I've been in my studio working on paintings, however short the time might have been some days, every day this month so far. I hope to continue this streak. Wish me luck!

In a totally separate subject, check out this visitor to our yard today.

He isn't a stranger. We see him, and his larger friend, a lot in our trees. It makes me nervous since we have two little dogs. He sure is beautiful, though.

This photo is from the back and may be harder to see, but his back feathers are so pretty!

I hope you all have had a nice weekend!

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