Sunday, July 15

Evolution of LIlith

I worked on a "quicky" painting last week for practice. I stole 15 minutes here, 20 minutes there, and tried mixing my own face colors rather than relying on colors marked "flesh" or "skin". First I did a VERY quick sketch of a round faced girl, I then slapped the paint undertones on haphazardly, I did a mid range color, a base color, some pinkish color for her cheeks, brightly colored eyes and lips, simple highlights, etc... Then came the hair. I obsessed over the hair and I think it turned out to be her best feature. Maybe I should have obsessed more on her little pudgy face like I did the hair. I always seem to go wrong at the hair, so I practiced with color a lot before I got the courage to use my brush on the canvas rather than the pallet. In the end, I didn't spend a lot of time fussing over this one, with the exception of the hair, but maybe that's why I enjoyed bringing her into the world so much? There was no labor in her delivery, you might say. Anyway, here's Lilith's transformation.