Sunday, May 23

ATC from Christa

I've been meaning to blog about several art related topics for a while now. I don't blog every day, normally, but recently, over on my personal blog, I've been a daily blogger. That has really taken a lot of attention away from this blog. Even before then I was slacking on my art blog, but when I actually had several things in mind to post here I got busy over there with the 30 Days of Tumblr thing.

So now that I have the excuses out on the table I can get on with the matter at hand. And the matter at hand is ATC's! They're proving to be SO much fun! I've already shared the ATC's that I received from Sharon. I'll share the ones I've sent to both Christa and Sharon in a separate entry. Right now I'm sharing the second of the two I've received from Christa. I can't share the first one because it would give away our secrets. She's really very good at making them personal. So personal that I almost want to keep them BOTH private. But, I won't. I'll share the second and keep the first one for myself.

Check out the front!

...and now the back!

So cool, right?! I couldn't love it more! You should have seen me reading the back. LOL It was fun. If someone didn't know it was written in circles they'd have thought I was crazy if they saw me flipping it all around.

She also always makes the coolest cards to send with them. Those are quite personal, too, though, so you don't get to see those. Sorry Charlies!

See ya soon!