Sunday, August 31

Willowing-10 Rules

Hello, my name is Rischa, and I'm a YouTube Art Vlog junkie! *hi Rischa*

So yeah, I've been YouTubing again. I knew I had to share this one with my blog readers when I watched it today. Actually, any of this girl's videos are fun to watch, but this one is a must! It's Charlie Chaplin-ish and SO incredibly cute, funny, thought provoking, and worth the time to watch and listen. I'll shut up and just post it already......

See? Didn't I tell ya? Do you have an inner-critic? I know I do! And I want to do the same thing to mine that she does to hers! I loved that part of the video! Oh, and did you come up with your own new word for today? I did! Smellitellahobinoff! Which means, If I don't get off this computer and go take my shower now I'll start to attract flies! LMBO Not really, but I am about to go take my shower. Bye now!

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