Sunday, August 10

The Weekend Artist

I want a book. Not just any book. THIS book!
I first noticed this book, written by Gerard Smith, on the Indie Art & Design Blog HERE.
Reading that blog post and interview combined with images of his projects made me want that book so badly. But was not meant to be. This book would cost $35 + $16 S/H to the US. Don't they know starving artists can't afford that type of price tag? It really does look like a good one for beginner artists like Moi, though. Perhaps I want it because I can't have it? Hmm...nope. I wanted it before I realized it wasn't readily available to the states. Well, not without a small fortune.
I love art project books. I have tons of them and they inspire the art right out of me. So until it's being sold in the US, I shall cyber-stalk,, & just to name a few. :-P Don't pity me. I still have tons to do from Acrylic Revolution. That's a fun one. Plus, my friend, Sharon, sent me The New Acrylics. It seems to have tons of great projects. She saw it on my wish list and sent it to me. Sweet of her, wasn't it?!Plus, I'm still trying to Draw on the Right Side of My Brain. She sent me that one, as well. Looks like I can do without that book after all, doesn't it? That doesn't mean I can't browse at BAM for it while I'm there. My favorite shop @ Lake Square Mall. Surely it will eventually make its way to the US.


Anonymous said...

Hello there! I actually am Gerard Smith, author of the Weekend Artist, and someone told me about your blog at work today. Thank you so much for your interest. I have been told that the book will be published by F+W Media in the USA next April or May, but you can get it on the UK Amazon site. Their site is:

There are also a couple of projects on YouTube that were taken from a pilot I filmed about 3 years ago. Just search under 'Art Shop Guy' on YouTube and they should come up.

All the best with your art. I love the dreamy quality of your work and how motivated you are.

Reading your comments really has made my day!

Gerard Smith

Anonymous said...

G'day, its Gerard Smith again. Just thought I'd let you know that my book is now listed on US Amazon. For some strange reason the name has changed to Artful Spaces, but as far as I know the content is still the same. Here's the link:

Hope you and your art are going well!

Gerard Smith