Saturday, January 31

Save The Bees and 30in30 Collage

Save the Bees - 4x4x2" Acrylic on Gallery Canvas

I told you yesterday it would be simple. But I like how it turned out. Even though it's so little and it's kind of a speed painting, it's among my favorites for January. And really, we do need to put efforts into saving the bees. Saving the bees is saving us! show small size


And, like everyone else doing the 30 in 30 January Challenge, I've made a collage for my project.

I'm happy I accomplished my goal of completing a painting every single day in January. I'm also a little sad it's over. It will be nice, though, to stop and take a breath. Oh wait....I have to finish scanning, sealing, putting wire hangers on, pricing, and taking them to the gallery to hang. Yikes! I wish being an artist was only about painting. How nice that would be! Haha!

Thanks for all of the encouragement and sweet comments during this project everyone! You guys kept me going on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and in the comments of this blog.

Happy weekend,

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