Wednesday, September 19

Stiff Neck

Sunday morning I woke up with what I thought was a stiff neck. It gradually became more painful to the point I considered the hospital by Sunday night. First thing Monday, after a long, sleepless night, Joel took me to the doctor. She seems to think it's an RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) flare up. I've had many of those, but never in my neck. Anyway, long story short, I've been taking muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatories all week. They're helping, but I've mostly just slept. Which means less creative time. I have managed to do at least a tiny bit each day. And I do mean tiny.

Hopefully I'll be back at it soon and will be able to show you something finished.

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Saturday, September 15

Mixed Media Portrait WIP

Mixed Media Portrait Work In Progress - Golden & Liquitex acrylic paint, graphite, gel pen (so far)

Joel and I visited a great new art supply store in Eustis called Drawn To Art. It's in a beautiful new building downtown.

Across the brick paved street is a new park where the old hospital used to be. I snapped a photo of a sign that leads me to believe this could be a fun place to play!

Once we went into the store we met the owner, who was extremely friendly and down to earth. He didn't have an item I was looking for, so he offered me a few things to try instead. I left there with 6 4x4 canvas boards, a white gel pen, and some titanium white gouache paint, free of charge! I did offer to pay for everything, but he insisted. I plan to go back and offer to pay again. I'm one of those odd people that doesn't feel right about taking free stuff. I love bargaining, but free feels like stealing. I do love local service like that, though. He knows how to make a lifelong customer. Anyway, so as you can see I gave the wood blocks a bit of a break today in favor of one of those mini canvases, courtesy of Drawn To Art. Right now she looks like she's sucking in her cheeks. She'll get an anti-duckface surgery tomorrow.

PS. I'm still on my September creative streak!

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Thursday, September 13

Mixed Media Art Block Painting

Art block girl number 2 is done and ready to be scanned and sealed....I think. I'm never quite sure. I love creating these quirky girls! I will enjoy having them around my home, too. Any name suggestions for her?

My creative streak continues! Every day in September means 12 straight days so far. I know that may not seem like much to some, but to me it's huge. Maybe soon I'll make a more personal blog post and talk about my creative struggles, but for now...pass the Cobalt Teal, please?

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Tuesday, September 11

In The Works

I didn't have a large block of time to paint today, but I managed to get a bit further along on the orange/red block.

I colored her hair and hated it, so I went back to white and will decide what to do with it tomorrow.

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Sunday, September 9

Miscellaneous Going Ons

This work in progress is what's on my work bench at the moment. I'll try to finish her details (hair, lips, eyes, clothing, etc...) tomorrow.

I did decide to paint the edges of the last girl.

I did a a few other details, too, even though I THOUGHT I was done.

I've continued my streak of creativity. I've been in my studio working on paintings, however short the time might have been some days, every day this month so far. I hope to continue this streak. Wish me luck!

In a totally separate subject, check out this visitor to our yard today.

He isn't a stranger. We see him, and his larger friend, a lot in our trees. It makes me nervous since we have two little dogs. He sure is beautiful, though.

This photo is from the back and may be harder to see, but his back feathers are so pretty!

I hope you all have had a nice weekend!

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Thursday, September 6


I'm not quite finished, but I'm pretty close. Here's the progress for today.

...and a texture shot.

One more just for kicks.

I don't know if I'll paint the sides or leave the wood grain. I will more than likely separate her and the word from the background a bit with a dry brushed white halo. We'll see where she goes tomorrow. :)

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Wednesday, September 5

W-I-P Wednesday

Here's the progress on the greenish blue block. I had hoped to be posting a finished painting by today, but a doctors appointment yesterday didn't allow for a lot of creative time. I did sketch in the shape of her face yesterday, so I have kept up my streak of having creative time every day. Maybe I'll be able to finish her tomorrow.

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Monday, September 3

Block Head

I've continued playing with the 4x4 art blocks. I'm finding the size and the inexpensive substrate to be freeing. If I mess the whole thing up, who cares!? I guess with anything you can gesso over what you don't like. Still, though, there's something about these that takes the pressure off.

I finished up the cupcake. It just needs a spray seal and I plan to do that outside when more are complete.

Here are the ones I'm working on now.

I really like how these backgrounds turned out. The color combos make me happy. I intend to draw faces on both, but we'll see how I'm feeling tomorrow. I change my mind more often than anyone I know!

Here's a closer look at the texture on the blueish green colored one.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Sunday, September 2

What's On My Art Table

In progress...

I'm not sure if I'm calling this one done or not. Probably not. My intention was to finish it in a day, so I'll be breaking that rule if I do anything to it now.

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