Sunday, January 11

30 in 30 Day 11 - Polaroid

For Day 11 of 30 in 30 we're gonna "Shake it like a polaroid picture."

Now that I've put that ear worm in your ear. lol Here's the painting.
6x6x2" Acrylic on Gallery Wrapped Canvas

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cnp702 said...

I have a feeling my comment will finally appear!

Have I mentioned how I love this? I have always enjoyed your art, keep on keeping on! Love, C

Tam Foree said...

I too love this painting. So retro, so cool Lovely colors and textures!

Rischa said...

Thanks so much, C! Your comment appeared!! Yay! Blogger and their commenting issues. lol I hope you enjoy this painting since it will be living with you! Another yay! Love, Ri

Thank you for your kind comments, Tam! I'm a big fan of anything retro, colorful, and textured, so I appreciate your compliments very much!

Rischa said...

Tam, I just took a look at your paintings and I have to say, wow! I just love the Dachshund and the mixer! They're all wonderful, but I'm a doxie Mom and a baker, so those two stood out for me.