Saturday, January 31

New (& empty) Etsy Shop

I finally did it! I opened an Etsy shop. I haven't filled it quite yet, but I have some things on the edge of being ready to be shipped out. I'm thinking this week will be the week I get my listings up. I named it Pigments of Imagination. Click the banner above to go check it out.

Tuesday, January 27

Quicky Pic Post

I thought I would post a quick blog entry before retiring for the night. Just a photo of a painting I did yesterday for Candice's newborn, Andrew. She said she "LOVES" it. :-) It will be on its way to Vancouver this week. I just have to let the varnish dry so I can ship.

The angle of the photo makes it look a bit lopsided, but it really isn't. It's centered. I just quickly resized a photo and didn't bother making sure the photo was worth posting. :-P

Night all!

Wednesday, January 21

Lemonade Award

Lookie here!

Denise, over at Mountain Laurel Folk Art Studio, was generous enough to offer me a Lemonade Blog Award. Denise is a very sweet, artistic friend that I met through the Cloth & Clay Dolls Workshop. I knew she was a really sweet person when she followed my link to Mom's new blog to help welcome Mom to the blogging world. She leaves the sweetest comments. She's also a very talented artist, so stop by her blog and check out her creations. I appreciate this award and her friendship. :-) Thanks, Denise!

Okay, now for the directions:

To pick up the award, (1) comment at this blog (2) clip and paste the Award logo and attach it to your own blog (3) list your own ten favorite blogs (4) comment on their blogs, to advise them (5) Link back to my blog (I'd appreciate it :-))

So now for #3, my 10 favorite blogs. Some of the people I'd have listed have already received the award, so that made my choice a bit easier. I still had to whittle the list down. I have my own way of doing it. As with anything, "Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Moe" works best.


These are all in no particular order. Just the order I copied and pasted the links. ;-)

Monday, January 5

Something to Inspire

I found this on one of my many art communities and just had to share it with my blog readers. You'll love it! Before you watch the video, though, be sure to scroll ALL the way down to my music player and turn the music off so you can hear the video.

I will post photos of what I've been working on soon. I've been bombarded by holiday frenzy, but things will soon be back on track with my art related activities. ;-)