Thursday, October 30

A WIP and Play Time

I worked on that WIP from yesterday's post today. I decided to take Katie's suggestion of blue hair. I love the hair! I think from now on my girls will have CRAZY hair like this. Who says only old ladies and goth princess' have blue hair?

....and here is the result of some play time with Water Soluble Oil Pastels:

Okay, so it's not stunningly gorgeous, but it was fun. It was my first time using WSO Pastels. I enjoyed playing with them. I highly recommend you pick some up. I got them at an office supply store per Suzi Blu's suggestion to use them on our Mixed Media pieces for her class. SOOOOO fun! They look like crayons, but act more like watercolor pencils. You can use them wet or dry. You can also smudge them just like regular oil pastels. The brand name that I got is Portfolio. They're in a green package and cost about $10. If any of you happen to go buy them and use them I'd love to see what you create! Link to your image in my comments! I plan to use them in the background of the Blue Girl Birdie Love painting.

Tuesday, October 28

My Angel

She doesn't have wax on her yet, but here is my finished Angel Girl:

It's not my best attempt, but was fun and I like her anyway. I love using that Golden brand Gold Metallic paint. It's so perfect for things like this.

Here's a close-up:

I'm really tired of working on this cheap-ass wood. I wish I had got the Birch or just stuck with canvas. Even if it was those cheap Walmart canvases. For one thing it's harder to draw because the pencil wants to follow the grooves and cracks in the wood. It's not smooth wood like Birch. For another thing, I don't particularly love my girls to have cracks in their face....even if it does give them character. lol

I'm working on another girl already. I've drawn her, but no shading or color yet. I've also still got to draw the tree and birds. She'll be holding a bird up to a tree so she can be with her partner that's already waiting on her in a limb above. ;-)

Can you see her? It's hard to see when there's only pencil, I know. I think I'll give her pink hair. Or maybe purple or blue? Who knows, but it'll be a bit funkier than the other girls. Or maybe just black? I haven't tried a black-haired girl. Nah.....I'm going with funky colors. lol And maybe an oddball tree, too?? Don't know yet, but we'll see what my muse tells me. Wanna see my muse?

Here she is....

Hehe.....gotta have a sense of humor.

Bye all!

Friday, October 24

Skiesart Sharon & Shopping at JoAnn's Fabric

I thought it was about time I featured my close, personal friend, Sharon. You'll be amazed at her beautiful artwork. I certainly was! Check it out: I think my favorite paintings of hers are the last two oil paintings she has listed. She's also decided to take Suzi's Les Petite Dolls class AND the Cloth & Clay Dolls class. It should prove to be even more fun having a friend in the classes with me! :-)

In other art related news, I ventured off to JoAnn's Fabric to get the supplies for the Cloth & Clay Dolls class that starts next week. Big surprise....they didn't have Creative Paperclay or even basic pottery tools. I wish they'd open a Michael's closer than Sanford. So anyway, I have to get those online. The cheapest I've found it is, but they sure think a lot of their shipping. They charge regular shipping, which is whatever UPS or USPS charges, plus a $7.95 charge for their part unless you get the most basic shipping, which is still 11:95. I may check out the other places and go into the check-out to see what their S/H charges are before buying. I don't mean to sound cheap, but the supplies list for these classes can sometimes be pretty long. I'm trying to do my due diligence before getting the more expensive items. lol

Thursday, October 23

Suzi Blu Wood Burning & My Photos on Imagekind

I know I've mentioned Suzi Blu several times on here since I'm taking her Les Petite Dolls workshop, but I thought I'd post a video of hers. These videos are how I discovered her and her classes. Here she is doing some wood burning on YouTube. It is NOT from the class as those have to be paid for before viewing. If you'd like to take the class go to OK, on to the video:

There's also a new widget on this blog. If you look over to the right you'll see the Imagekind Widget that will take you to my gallery. There you can purchase my art and photography. I only have one up right now, but soon it will be filled to the brim with goodies to customize and purchase. You can get anything from greeting cards to prints to canvases. They'll even add a frame and border for the right price. I then get a percentage of what is sold. I put up Joel's favorite photo of mine first. Go check it out! Go! Run! Buy! Hehe
PS. If you're ever going to watch a video on this blog you'll have to go to the very bottom of the page first to turn off my tunes. That way you'll be able to listen to one thing at a time rather than the video with the music playing over the top of it. ;-)

Tuesday, October 14

Finished Autumn Owl Girl

I finished the Autumn Girl I posted as a WIP a few days ago. She's just waiting on a layer of Beeswax now. Here she is:

And here's a closer look:

For the background there is a first layer of a deep yellow wash. I used yellow with a tiny bit of red and brown to make it warm looking. Then I painted leaves onto watercolor paper with colored pencil and acrylic paints, cut them out, and Mod Podged them onto the painting. Then I used acrylic paint again with stamps for the next layer. Then I antiqued the edges and random areas with Walnut Ink. Oh, and I painted the outside edges dark brown so it wouldn't need to be framed. Joel wanted me to wait to give her Beeswax because he wants to watch how it goes on. Her "diamond" necklace is an acrylic gem. It really sparkles, but it doesn't show that in the photo. Thanks for visiting! :-)

Saturday, October 11

Cloth & Clay Doll Workshop

That's the next class I'll be taking. Click the image to go get more info. I'd love it if some of my blog peeps would join me in this class! It's very cheap for what you'll be learning. Only $35 for regular members and $25 for Homeschoolers. Isn't that sweet of her to do that for us homeschool folks?! Go check it out!

Another WIP

Just a shot or two of what I'm working on right now.

The owl is made of scrapbook paper. I added paint and antiqued it a bit, too. I haven't actually affixed it to the painting yet, but I will. I also have some other drawings on watercolor paper that I've cut out and will apply to the painting.

Here's a shot of my little work area:

It's a mess, isn't it? It gets the job done, though. Not the prettiest area to have in a living room,'s necessary.

Ok, I'm off for now. Check back soon as I have info on another class I'm taking. It's on how to make clay dolls. It should be fun! :-)

Monday, October 6

My Dream Girl, it's not what you think when you read the title. I don't swing that way. ;-) I finished my painting, finally, and she's a "Dream Girl". I would have finished her a week ago except I caught an ugly bug from my darling hubby. It's not the nicest thing he's ever given to me, but he didn't mean to pass it on.

Here's the finished Dreamer.....

Everything is done except the stars will go on as I apply the wax. It's hard to see in the photos, but every other house is made of modeling paste. There is also sparkle paint over the crown and the edges are painted black.

Some close-ups...

Hey, look at that! They're not at the top of the post! I clicked the image and dragged it down. Now if only I can remember that for next time. lol

Thanks for stopping by!