Sunday, August 31

Willowing-10 Rules

Hello, my name is Rischa, and I'm a YouTube Art Vlog junkie! *hi Rischa*

So yeah, I've been YouTubing again. I knew I had to share this one with my blog readers when I watched it today. Actually, any of this girl's videos are fun to watch, but this one is a must! It's Charlie Chaplin-ish and SO incredibly cute, funny, thought provoking, and worth the time to watch and listen. I'll shut up and just post it already......

See? Didn't I tell ya? Do you have an inner-critic? I know I do! And I want to do the same thing to mine that she does to hers! I loved that part of the video! Oh, and did you come up with your own new word for today? I did! Smellitellahobinoff! Which means, If I don't get off this computer and go take my shower now I'll start to attract flies! LMBO Not really, but I am about to go take my shower. Bye now!

Friday, August 29

SuziBlu Love

How many of you artists out there have ventured to YouTube for some tutorials? Well, if you have then you've undoubtedly come across Suzi Blu and her FUN, fun, fun videos. I did and I was hooked on them immediately. I subscribed. I guess you could say I'm a SuziBluTube follower. Once I started following links and watching her videos I realized she was planning to teach a class called Le Petite Dolls, a Mixed Media Workshop. Yup, yup.....I'm taking it! It's really fun so far. Here's the site if you're interested: It costs $55 and lasts 8 weeks. The thing is, though, she lets you download and keep the PDFs and video lessons from the class forever. So if you're a slow learner or might not have the time to keep up with everyone else, you'll always have the videos and PDFs to turn to after the class closes up shop.
If you're broke or just not interested in taking a class, you should at least check out her YouTube videos. She's not afraid to be herself at all in them. I wish I could be more like that. I'm always afraid folks will think I'm nuts if I don't watch what I do and say. Mind you, I don't think she's nuts at all......she's a free spirit. Nothin' wrong with that!
Hey, did you check out the new SuziBlu Class Widget over there--->

Friday, August 22

Another Beeswax Video Tutorial

I'm so happy that talented artists have started doing tutorials to share their expertise with the rest of us. I found another awesome tutorial for how to seal a painting using beeswax. Here is the author's original POST. Apparently she has plans to make a lot of other How-To videos on YouTube, so I'll be cyber-stalking her site to see new videos. She even tells us where she bought her beeswax in the video.....Michael's! Where else? lol Love that store! And just like the previous artist's video, she uses a quilting iron. Looks like I should add that to my "To Buy" list. I used to have several of those small crock pots for potpourri, but I got rid of them. Darn it! Oh well....they're pretty cheap at Wally World.

Here is her Beeswax Tutorial:

Sealing Paintings With Beeswax

I'm SO excited to have found this LINK! It's a video tutorial on how to seal paintings using Bee's Wax. Mystele Kirkeeng does a wonderful job of describing the process. Here's her video on YouTube.

Sunday, August 10

The Weekend Artist

I want a book. Not just any book. THIS book!
I first noticed this book, written by Gerard Smith, on the Indie Art & Design Blog HERE.
Reading that blog post and interview combined with images of his projects made me want that book so badly. But was not meant to be. This book would cost $35 + $16 S/H to the US. Don't they know starving artists can't afford that type of price tag? It really does look like a good one for beginner artists like Moi, though. Perhaps I want it because I can't have it? Hmm...nope. I wanted it before I realized it wasn't readily available to the states. Well, not without a small fortune.
I love art project books. I have tons of them and they inspire the art right out of me. So until it's being sold in the US, I shall cyber-stalk,, & just to name a few. :-P Don't pity me. I still have tons to do from Acrylic Revolution. That's a fun one. Plus, my friend, Sharon, sent me The New Acrylics. It seems to have tons of great projects. She saw it on my wish list and sent it to me. Sweet of her, wasn't it?!Plus, I'm still trying to Draw on the Right Side of My Brain. She sent me that one, as well. Looks like I can do without that book after all, doesn't it? That doesn't mean I can't browse at BAM for it while I'm there. My favorite shop @ Lake Square Mall. Surely it will eventually make its way to the US.