Saturday, July 6

Paint Happy

The title of this post is "Paint Happy". Not because I've been doing so much painting, which I totally have, but because I'm taking a class with Micki Wilde called Paint Happy. It's one of the best classes I've taken. It's laid back and fun, while at the same time, very informative and full of techniques! One of my biggest problems when I paint is tensing up and trying to be perfect. This class is teaching me to embrace the happy accidents and have fun with the messiness. I had so much fun painting my first girl or two in Micki's style that I decided to paint one every single day in July. It's not so much for practice drawing or painting, but for making time for creativity every single day. Even if it's only an hour. It takes me less than an hour start to finish to make one of these little faces. That includes prep time and clean up.

Here are the cutie pies up close. The first 2 are my favorites. They weren't the first 2 I created, but they're my faves.

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