Wednesday, July 31

July Face Challenge: Complete!

Here she is! The girl that brings my personal challenge to create a face a day to an end!

She's painted on sheet music that I glued down to cardboard using gel medium. I do plan to complete this painting. The face, though, was the challenge. I wanted her to match the other photos, so I stopped before doing a background.

The above photo, as well as all of the other squared photos I've shared during this challenge, were taken with Hipstamatic or Hipstamatic's Oogl app. Both are made by the same people and results are the same.

The Calendar in the first image is from the Collect Photo App. It reminds you to get your photo for each day.

This photo is an unedited iPhone photo using the standard camera app. The Hipstamatic photos blow out some of the detail in the paintings, so once I got started sharing photos with that app I regretted it. I wanted to be consistent, though. Ya live, ya learn, right?!

I don't think I'll be doing any challenges in August, but I do plan to keep up this momentum of painting daily/most days.

Thanks for stopping by!

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