Tuesday, November 15

iPhone Screenshot

Why did I not know about making folders for the apps on my iPhone before? If you knew, why didn't you clue me in? I love that it's now organized!

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Angel said...

How do you get your icons to look like they are sitting I shelves? I love that!

Rischa said...

Hi Angel, I snagged that background by doing a Google search for "iPhone wallpaper Shelf". I don't remember where I snagged it. It's just one of many wallpaper shelves for iPhones out there. There's also some more futuristic ones, some with vines growing around the icons, Pacman ones....they're all really neat looking. You just snag the wallpaper you like from the web and install it as your background. It's pretty easy. Let me know if you need help doing it. I can try to do a quick tutorial.

Angel said...

Thanks, very helpful! I am gonna see if I can find one now! :)