Wednesday, November 30

Getting to Know Siri - iPhone 4S Fun

So, as I announced on Facebook a couple weeks ago, I got my hands on a new iPhone 4S. I was so excited to check out the new camera and updated features I'd heard such great things about. I still can't believe my PHONE has an 8 megapixel camera! And that's front AND back camera! It also has a flash which can be set to auto. LOVE!!!

The kid in me, though, really just wanted to get to know Siri. I'm sure you've seen the ads about her, right? If not, here it is...

This is the kind of futuristic shit we dreamed about when we were growing up in the 80's, right? Joel and I have had lots of fun coming up with tasks and questions for Siri. Here are a few examples of my questions and her answers.

Me: Siri, do a search for Rischa Heape.


Gee, thanks for the new nick-name, Siri. Joel now calls me Orrery. *smirk*

Me: Siri, do a search for R-I-S-C-H-A. (spelled out)


Switzerland? WTF?

Me: Sing Happy Birthday to me.


After a failed attempt at another silly question...

Me: Who made you?


My Siri is a smartass. I love it!

Me: Kock, knock!


I now call my iPhone "My Precious". I have way too much fun with this thing. I loved my 3GS, too, but the new features on this thing just have me swooning. <3

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