Tuesday, June 9

Where am I?

I know it has been a while since I posted on this blog. That's because I haven't been creating. I thought moving my creative space to the garage was such a brilliant idea at the time, but now it's so hot that I can't stand to be out there for long at the time. I was opening the garage door and enjoying a nice breeze for a while, but that came to an abrupt change once the snakes started to show up and it started raining every day. Not just any old rain.....no....not here in Florida! It's the "sideways" rain like on Forrest Gump! (Btw, you have to say "sideways rain" just like Forrest if you're gonna say it) That just makes it more likely for the snakes, spiders, roaches, etc.... to look for shelter under the garage door. So no creative time for me any more. Not until we can figure something else out. I would move into our spare room, but that's the bird room. I'd move to the screen room, but it's friggin' hot and humid out there, too. Not good for my wood projects...or anything else I'd like to keep from getting moldy. Yuck!
I do have my sewing machine inside still, though, so I've been thinking of coming up with my own pattern for the cloth and clay dolls so I can sell those on Etsy. I can make them all day long for myself using Jane DeRosiere's pattern, but when it comes to selling them I really need my own pattern. The thing is, her pattern is so simple and efficient that anything I have thought up so far is too close to hers. It's harder than I thought to come up with something that is different enough to not be copyright. So you may be seeing more C&C Dollies here soon. I have to get something going or I'll just go nuts. Joel has been working way more than usual. Maybe it just seems that way because of the oddball hours. Plus, Kolby is in GA and has been for a while. So I'm all alone with no creating. Seriously......I can't do this much longer! If I do I'll continue to focus on the not-so-great things. (Health stuff....trust me you don't want to hear about it)
Since I don't like to post a blog entry without posting some eye candy to go along with the boring old words, here's something I don't think I've shown on this blog before...

Since that photo she has been sealed and she's ready to be listed on Etsy.

Here's another one I don't recall posting here....

As you can see I made her into a card for Earth Day since she's supposed to be Mother Earth. I was too lazy to watermark her....DON'T steal her! ;-)

Oh, one other thing. I think I'll be revamping my blog pretty soon. I have a lot of links over there to the right. That clutters things up quite a bit. I think I'll create a post with all of my links and have a small link on the side bar that links to that post. I won't be listing blogs that don't have me listed on theirs, though, so if you see your blog disappear that's why. I've noticed a lot of the more successful blogs and Etsy sellers only link by exchange, so that's what I'm doin', too.

I'll be back soon with more images. I have tons of creations or even just drawings that have yet to be featured on the ol' bloggeroony.

XXOO ~Rischa



Jennifer Williams said...

I noticed you hadn't been posting much lately. Geez, the heat sucks. I can't be outside for more than five minutes without breaking into a sweat here either.

I'm in the process of doing that very same thing with all the links. I'm trying to find and easier way to add them instead of adding everyone's by hand which is a pain. If you find a gizmo for it of sorts, please let me know!

Bibbi's Boggled Bloggle (say that three times fast) said...

I'm sorry you can't use your studio right now. I know how you love to work out there. Maybe you can come up with something soon.
Love the paintings that you posted. They are both good.
Come on up here and paint with me. Maybe that will motivate me to get into it too.
My work bench is settling a little so maybe it will be down to sitting still and not rocking, soon.
Good luck with whatever you decide.

Love ya Heapes, Bibbi

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for your encouragement!!!

TJ Lubrano said...

Oh this looks amazing! I love the use of colors! Keep up the great work!

The_go_away_bird said...

So talented and expressive.. I do really love your photos! I like taking photographes too and draw sometimes , feel free to visit my blog too) I would really love that. Keep up to good work!