Monday, May 11

Blog Award

As mentioned in my previous post, I've been given an award (and a very cool looking one I might add) by the lovely and talented Vania. To be given an award by such a wonderful artist and all around cool person is quite an honor. Run, don't walk, to check out her BLOG so you can scroll through and check out her gorgeous artwork! Thanks again, Vania!

Apparently the Renee award was created by Bella and Ces in honor of their friend Renee.

So now it's my turn to choose 8 people to receive this award.

My chosen 8 in random order (except Mom is always first, of course) are:

  1. Mom @
  2. My crafty cousin Katie @
  3. Liese Martin @
  4. Heather @
  5. Janine @
  6. JoMo @
  7. Jennifer @
  8. Thelma @
XXOO ~Rischa


JoMo said...

Wow! What an honor. I really appreciate your visits & comments. How cool! Thank you so much!

Bibbi's Boggled Bloggle (say that three times fast) said...

I feel very privileged and honored to have this award from my very talented, beautiful daughter. Thank you very much for thinking of me and for putting me first I will try my best to live up to the importance of this award. Congratulations to you for receiving it too.
Love ya Heapes, Bibbi

DeadpanAlley said...

Thank you so much, Rischa!
I am tickled that you thought if me as one of the people to pick for this award. :)

*squeezes Rischa until her belly button pops out*



Heather said...

thank you so much!~ you're sweet :)

Jennifer Williams said...

Thank you so much for the award! I feel so flattered you thought of me. How cool! said...

oh how cool that is, I will be boppin over to check it out.
I now follow you
I am hosting an arty giveaway to end this weekend so check it out.