Friday, August 29

SuziBlu Love

How many of you artists out there have ventured to YouTube for some tutorials? Well, if you have then you've undoubtedly come across Suzi Blu and her FUN, fun, fun videos. I did and I was hooked on them immediately. I subscribed. I guess you could say I'm a SuziBluTube follower. Once I started following links and watching her videos I realized she was planning to teach a class called Le Petite Dolls, a Mixed Media Workshop. Yup, yup.....I'm taking it! It's really fun so far. Here's the site if you're interested: It costs $55 and lasts 8 weeks. The thing is, though, she lets you download and keep the PDFs and video lessons from the class forever. So if you're a slow learner or might not have the time to keep up with everyone else, you'll always have the videos and PDFs to turn to after the class closes up shop.
If you're broke or just not interested in taking a class, you should at least check out her YouTube videos. She's not afraid to be herself at all in them. I wish I could be more like that. I'm always afraid folks will think I'm nuts if I don't watch what I do and say. Mind you, I don't think she's nuts at all......she's a free spirit. Nothin' wrong with that!
Hey, did you check out the new SuziBlu Class Widget over there--->

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