Friday, August 22

Another Beeswax Video Tutorial

I'm so happy that talented artists have started doing tutorials to share their expertise with the rest of us. I found another awesome tutorial for how to seal a painting using beeswax. Here is the author's original POST. Apparently she has plans to make a lot of other How-To videos on YouTube, so I'll be cyber-stalking her site to see new videos. She even tells us where she bought her beeswax in the video.....Michael's! Where else? lol Love that store! And just like the previous artist's video, she uses a quilting iron. Looks like I should add that to my "To Buy" list. I used to have several of those small crock pots for potpourri, but I got rid of them. Darn it! Oh well....they're pretty cheap at Wally World.

Here is her Beeswax Tutorial:

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