Wednesday, October 2

Low Carb Dinner and A Movie

First the dinner...
September 7th marked three years of me living a low carb lifestyle. It has served me well. It's the only diet that actually moved the scale for me. I started out with this book. It was the best decision I've ever made for my dietary health.

Now for the  movie...
I tried out my camcorder again for an art video. I learned a lot from the experience.

1. Definitely set the device to Time Lapse. Nobody's going to watch a 30  minute video. And apparently it can't be fast forwarded any faster than this in the editing software.
2. Listen to the entire song before adding it to your video. (Hello sneaky F Bomb)
3. Try not to focus so much on the camera so you can focus on making the art. Otherwise you'll completely forget what you're doing. (Yep, I have stage fright.)

Anyway, I apologize for the F Bomb at 25:12. The entire video is 27:28 minutes. You may want to take a potty break if you intend to watch the entire thing at once. I promise I will keep it shorter (like less than half) for future videos.

DSC_8384 copy

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