Sunday, November 6

Sew Out of Practice

Sewing has never been my strong point. I know enough to get the basic stuff done. Even the basics can be forgotten, though, when it's been a couple years. So when I got my Singer out I knew there would be a practice sleeve that I made mistakes on. Oh, I forgot to mention what I wanted to make? I have several of those ceramic coffee cups that I use quite often. So I wanted to make a sleeve for them. Coffee Cup Sleeves are to keep you from burning your hands when you pick up the hot coffee. Like the cardboard things they stick around the Starbucks cups. I'm sure you knew all of that, but just in case there are a few non-coffee drinkers reading I might as well explain. So yeah, I made mistakes. I learned from them. My second one will be better and better still, the third. Here are the crappy cell photos from my first try.

I know; Not very straight on the stitching and maybe I should've used something other than white.

Yeah, yeah....the button MAY fall off. LOL I need to watch a YouTube video or something.

It's reversible. Like the polk-a-dots?

So there's my practice sleeve. It'll do, Pig. It'll do.


rhomany said...

I put velcro on mine instead of a button. Works for odd sized cups from independent coffee places.
I adore that sausage dog pattern, it's so cute. I like the white stiching too. Maybe just do something decorative?

Rischa said...

The velcro would definitely be more practical for different sized cups. I have some in my sewing box and may give it a try on my next one.

I really dig the sausage dog pattern, too. I could be partial. I have 2 Dachshunds.

Thanks for the suggestions and for visiting, Rhomany!