Monday, November 3

The Weekend Artist / Artful Spaces

Hello my dear blog readers! I hope your November is off to a fantastic start? If not, may it improve by infinity by the time you finish reading. ;-)

I have a little update for you today. Remember
THIS entry I posted where I whined about how bad I wanted to buy The Weekend Artist? Well, a couple of months ago the artist of that book commented underneath that entry. Cool, right? I thought so! If you're too busy or lazy to go check it out, here's what he says, "Hello there! I actually am Gerard Smith, author of the Weekend Artist, and someone told me about your blog at work today. Thank you so much for your interest. I have been told that the book will be published by F+W Media in the USA next April or May, but you can get it on the UK Amazon site. Their site is:www.fwpublications.comThere are also a couple of projects on YouTube that were taken from a pilot I filmed about 3 years ago. Just search under 'Art Shop Guy' on YouTube and they should come up.All the best with your art. I love the dreamy quality of your work and how motivated you are.Reading your comments really has made my day!Gerard Smith"

Soooo....being the YouTube junkie that I am....

Be sure to scroll all the way down to the bottom of my blog to turn off the music before watching any videos. I really enjoyed that first episode. I'll watch the rest when I have a chance. I haven't watched my class videos yet for the Cloth & Clay Doll Workshop, so all in due time. ;-) I did go ahead and subscribe since, like I said, I AM a YT Junkie! I should say YT Artist Junkie. I'd love to make my own videos some day, but that's another thing to learn......adding to my numerous list of "To-Do's".

So anyway, today Gerard stopped by the ole blog again with an updated that I'm pretty darn excited about....

"G'day, its Gerard Smith again. Just thought I'd let you know that my book is now listed on US Amazon. For some strange reason the name has changed to Artful Spaces, but as far as I know the content is still the same. Here's the link: Hope you and your art are going well!Gerard Smith"

Woohoo! Guess what I'll be purchasing! And did you see that price? $16.49!! Even I can afford that! Yep, yep!

Thanks for stopping by and letting me know, Gerard! I'm honored that the author himself would grace my blog with his presence. ;-) Seems like a cool guy......go buy his book!

I've been quite busy the past few days and have not had a chance to finish my Blue Haired Birdy Girl. The Doll workshop started on the 1st, as well, which puts me.....what.....2 or 3 days behind assuming everyone else started on the 1st. I doubt it, though. I think I could make the doll in a few days and the workshop is up for a month. If I had a day job I wouldn't be that confident.


Anonymous said...

A BIG WOW to you girl. How wonderful to get those nice comments from "Mr. Gerard Smith" himself. You go girl! I really like his name too! Maybe he is related some how to I loved watching him and will go back for more. A big "ATTA GIRL" to you....keep it going on.

Love Ya Heapes, Bibbi

Katie said...

Thanks for the pat on the back about my vote. :) I *might* have let one little tear roll down my cheek, too. But then again, I cry over diaper commercials. (Those babies are just so darn CUTE!)

Katie said...

Funny you should say that about Etsy. It's one of my goals in the next year to start an etsy store. Now, if I could just stop giving everything I make away!

the novice artist said...

Hi Rischa,
I've started a blog based on "The Weekend Artist" ... http:// ... I discovered the book early this year (2010)and have decided to paint one project per week. There are twenty four projects total, so all going well I'll be finished mid August. This week I am up to the third project and it has been a good. I can actually feel myself thinking of my own designs but inspired by the book itself. Anyway I read that you finally have the book yourself so have you tried some of the projects? I shelved the book for a couple of months before forcing myself to get on with it. This time, with a blog going I'm more determined. Anyway all the best with what you do; your blog is pretty original.
the novice artist.