Sunday, July 13

Vinyl Art

Have you ever heard of Vinyl (as in records, albums, things that played music before CDs, tapes, and MP3 players) Art? Me neither until I found THIS! Of course, my favorite is the Poppies. I love Poppy paintings for some reason. Which is probably the reason behind the post below this one.

No art in any form from me lately, unless you count the pile of brushes beside my easel as art? Nah....didn't think so.


Katie said...

Woah! Those are really neat. I guess it saves money on canvases too! I've never seen them painted before, but I have seen them melted into bowls or vases, as seen here:
PS... I'm glad you found me!

Daniel Edlen said...

Great pieces! Really creative. I like the one cut to look like a 45 spacer.

Hopefully they'll do another show like that and I can submit a couple of my pieces!