Monday, May 12

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day! I hope all of you mothers had a great Mom's Day! And all of you non-Moms....did you spoil your Moms today? I'm about 430 something miles away from my Mom, but I made her a gift with my own to wittle hands. I hope she likes it. I'm never too keen on my own paintings, but maybe she can find the beauty in it? lol Here's hopin! It's a mixed media painting. I used mostly acrylics, but also used watercolor pencils and a prisma marker for outlining. I drew my inspiration for several different paintings I admired on Ebay and Etsy. I'm just getting back into painting, so I will hopefully improve with time. I sure enjoy it even if I'm not the most talented artisan.
I was asked what I wanted for Mom's day. I answered, "books!" So Joel took me to the book store and I picked a book I had been wanting called, "Acrylic Revolution". Then Joel found another book for me called Acrylic Workshop. I've already decided I LOVE the first one. I recommend it for anyone looking for new ways to use their acrylic paints. She has such wonderful ideas that I can't WAIT to try! I'd love to go to one of her workshops. The closest one I've found is in NC, though. Not exactly close enough for a road trip.
I'm outta here for now. My head is pounding or I'd keep yapping about these new books and provide links for you. Maybe next time. Night!!

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Bibbi said...

I love the painting.....Is it MINE???? I love the colors and you have a very good distribution. Get in there and paint something every's good mental therapy and a rewarding learning experience with every one, as well.
Love Ya Heapes, Bibbi