Friday, November 28

Mixed Media, Abstract, and Encaustic Paintings Video and Other News

I'm trying my hand at video making again, so the above video is a slide show of my mixed media, abstract, and encaustic paintings. Some of them are sold and some are still available. I have not included my most recent works as I plan to do more videos soon with the new paintings.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any tips for using iMovie 09 or YouTube. I haven't upgraded to iLife with the newer version of iMovie, so keep that in mind if you're leaving me tips. 

In other news, I'm enjoying an Abstract Workshop with a local artist named Liz Wincup. It's a 6 week workshop given through Mount Dora Center for the Arts. We create a new painting or finish different exercises each week. I'm learning so much from her and have already been recognized by Liquitex for one of the paintings I did in her workshop. It was chosen and shared by their Instagram account as one of their weekly paintings. 

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And last, but not least, I have decided to end my time as a resident artist at Painting Outside The Lines Gallery. I enjoyed my time there very much, but I missed being at home in my own studio with my little weena dogs by my side. With Joel's schedule he ended up being home a lot of the time I was at the gallery, too. And I won't miss giving up my Saturdays with friends. Or parking. Parking was a beast when you have to carry an arm load of paint, brushes, canvases, your lunch, etc...! I did enjoy my time there with Bev and will miss spending so much time with her and meeting the locals or tourists enjoying their day in Mount Dora. My work will still be exhibited there, though, so please stop by and tell Bev that Rischa sent you. She has some fabulous new pieces in the gallery by new artists and she also has lots of new bike pieces of her own.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Diva Kreszl said...

Beautiful work!!! Can't give you advice about the video, that is beyond my capabilities but I enjoyed seeing it! You are very talented!