Saturday, January 11

Painting In Person at Paint Outside The Lines in Mount Dora, FL

Yesterday evening, as mentioned in my previous blog entry, I painted live in Artist Alley at Painting Outside The Lines Gallery in Mount Dora, FL. I had been nervous about it the whole week, which I believe I also mentioned in the previous post. I was downright scared up until the moment I got there. It's never as bad as you imagine in your head, right? And it wasn't bad at all! It was pretty darn fun, actually! I chatted it up with lots of Paint Outside The Lines and One Flight Up patrons. They seemed to enjoy seeing my work and talking about the other artists exhibiting during the Art Stroll. I handed out cards and had my bio up, which seemed to spark a bit of interest, too. All in all it was a wonderful experience. I couldn't have done it without my support team, though. A large and special THANK YOU goes out to Melissa, Rob, and, of course, Joel. We joked about them being my entourage. Someone asked if there was another artist in the next room painting. When I told them it was my support team they said, "Oh, you have groupies!" I just giggled. No, they're not groupies. But they were very much needed and appreciated. 

I left a 24x24x1.75 work at the gallery as a preview for the upcoming exhibition in February.

Here's a photo of Artist Alley. The windows to the left of the photo look into the room where Melissa, Rob, and Joel were hanging out. The windows were open so I chatted with them during the evening. To the right are the other parts of the gallery.

Here's a shot of me through the window. Joel snapped this one with his iPhone while I wasn't looking. 

Here are the stairs you need to climb to come see me and my work during the month of February. Or now if you'd like to see the painting I have there at the moment. You'll see tons of beautiful work there by other artists, as well.

From outside.

I wish I had better photos to share than these iPhone snapshots. I had my hands full, though.

I hope to see you all come out in February!


Joel said...

I'm very proud of you! You deserve as much attention as possible for your art. You pour much of yourself into it and it's very inspirational. <3

Emily said...

It looks like it was a great evening! I'm so disappointed I wasn't able to come & say hi, but my company ended up arriving earlier than expected. We'll have to make a more definite plan to get together sometime!

Melissa said...

It was awesome! And I will TOTALLY take the title of groupie, too, haha! I love you and your art and you totally deserve the attention! I can't wait to see your beautiful art filling the gallery walls this February!