Monday, June 6

Vlog for 6-5-11 & Photos

First up I have a vlog from today. 

Who's up for a drinking game? Every time I say, "Umm" during this vlog take a drink or a shot! Okay......GO!

Now for some photos from my walk with Sheldon...

....and here are some photos of Mam-maw and Mom working on the quilt I mentioned in the vlog.

....and just for fun here's a photo of my Mom's mute dog, Andy, who constantly keeps his tongue hanging out of his mouth. Weird, but adorable! (Photo courtesy of Kolby)

All of these images were taken with my cell except the last one, which was taken with Kolby's cell. I DO take photos with my other, REAL cameras, but these are more convenient at the moment. Maybe I'll get around to uploading the others at some point. I have some good shots of my neices, my brother, and Mom.

Thanks for stopping by!

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