Thursday, April 28

Vlog 3 for 4-27-2011 - Random Dullness

Let me just tell you, this vlog has been SUCH a pain in the ass to get uploaded for something that really didn't even have an interesting topic. I tried to upload to YouTube from 7pm yesterday until 3am this morning. It finally uploaded to YouTube, but not after having to export out of iMovie first. I don't know why that mattered as it didn't the 2 times I vlogged before. So before I was done with everything I ended up uploading to both YouTube and Vimeo. Vimeo gave me trouble, as well. That seemed to be par for the course yesterday.

Of course, my stupid complaints aren't even significant enough to mention what with what's going on in all of the states effected by the tornadoes yesterday and within the last few days. I spent the entire night awake worried about my son, who's visiting my parents in GA right now. I feel for all the people that have lost loved ones, homes, or entire towns during all of this. It's such a scary thought to know that it could happen to any of us at any time.


evettedunbar said...

This is really neat! It made me miss you! :)

Rischa said...

Well, come see me! lol We'll make one together while you're here!