Thursday, March 31

After The Storm

It has been raining all week. Not to mention storming, complete with tornado warnings/watches and all day weather coverage on all channels. Now, though, it's Thursday night and all is clear going into the weekend. Yay! It didn't quite clear up before causing a little destruction, though.

Here's our neighbor's tree, minus one large limb.

Just because it rains doesn't mean everything is washed clean. My poor Hydrangeas were doused in mud during the heavy rain fall. I'm happy the petals are still intact, though. Those winds were harsh, so I was surprised.

The rain has been great for my Chrysanthemums. They're growing incredibly fast. Hopefully they'll be blooming in no time.

My Double Knockout Roses are blooming so pretty. There are new blooms every morning.

...and guess who did NOT enjoy the storms at all!

He was scared, but he was a good boy and held it all morning while it poured and stormed outside. No messes! Yay!

I hope anyone reading this is having pleasant weather. Thanks for stopping by!

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