Thursday, February 19

Oh When The Saints....

....come marching in

Oh when the saints come marching in

Lord I want to be in that number... that song stuck in your head yet? It is mine! I used to play that on the piano a lot when I was taking lessons. Probably because it was an easy tune to play and it's so catchy.

Anyway, she's done now with the exception of the sealer. I'll put some Golden Matte Gel Medium on her. She looks different from last night's post, obviously. I added more hair so it would look like some of it was coming around in front of her neck, I fixed her face a bit around the nose, I added the turquoise background, added some musical note stamps with white paint, and I then made her "Vintage" by rubbing on Walnut Ink with a T-Shirt. She doesn't look as simple or dull now. Still a bit on the simple side, but not simple to the point of boring. She told me she was done, so I'm not touching up anything else.....just the sealer.

Look for her in my Etsy Shop soon!

Thanks for stopping by! ♥


Bibbi's Boggled Bloggle (say that three times fast) said...

She looks like a sweet little innocent girl. Pretty, I like her.

Yes, the song is in my head now too. lol

Love ya Heapes, Bibbi

Katie said...

She's so pretty! I'm excited to see your shop when you get it up and running. I can't wait!

PS, I can play some of that song on harmonica. I can get up to "oh when the saaaaints go marrrrchhhh...." I don't know "-ing in" yet. Maybe someday I'll learn.

Janine said...

Nicely done!

simoart said...

She is very pretty and I love the look on her face.

Val's Dragonfly Whimsy said...

She is lovely - and I particularly like your Blue Guitar artwork, gorgeous!