Saturday, January 31

New (& empty) Etsy Shop

I finally did it! I opened an Etsy shop. I haven't filled it quite yet, but I have some things on the edge of being ready to be shipped out. I'm thinking this week will be the week I get my listings up. I named it Pigments of Imagination. Click the banner above to go check it out.


Sharon-SkiesArt said...

Excellect choice for your Etsy!!! you have such a great imagination..and so much creative ***JAZZ*** I love it.
The banner is super too..

congratulations Rischa!!

hugs Sharon :: SkiesArt

Bibbi's Boggled Bloggle (say that three times fast) said...

Love the name and can't wait to see what will be in it. Best wishes with it. I am excited for you!
Love ya Heapes, Bibbi

Jennifer Williams said...

Great name choice! Can't wait to see what will be in it.

I went a head and hearted your shop.

The Old Oaken Bucket said...

Hey Rischa! I love the name...such a great play on words! I cannot wait to see what you list for of your dolls??? Your banner is just adorable! Hugs, Kristin

Katie said...

I would looove the file for the posters. (

Also, I can't wait to see all the goodies you stock your etsy shop with! It's so exciting.

Janine said...

Rischa, I have been thinking about signing for an Etsy shop! Was it painless? Do you think it is better than eBay, I am leaning to that opinion! I am days away from signing up with Etsy!

Janine said...

Rischa, that name is for your shop is brilliant!