Thursday, October 30

A WIP and Play Time

I worked on that WIP from yesterday's post today. I decided to take Katie's suggestion of blue hair. I love the hair! I think from now on my girls will have CRAZY hair like this. Who says only old ladies and goth princess' have blue hair?

....and here is the result of some play time with Water Soluble Oil Pastels:

Okay, so it's not stunningly gorgeous, but it was fun. It was my first time using WSO Pastels. I enjoyed playing with them. I highly recommend you pick some up. I got them at an office supply store per Suzi Blu's suggestion to use them on our Mixed Media pieces for her class. SOOOOO fun! They look like crayons, but act more like watercolor pencils. You can use them wet or dry. You can also smudge them just like regular oil pastels. The brand name that I got is Portfolio. They're in a green package and cost about $10. If any of you happen to go buy them and use them I'd love to see what you create! Link to your image in my comments! I plan to use them in the background of the Blue Girl Birdie Love painting.


Katie said...

I love love LOVE her. I'm obsessed.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Katie....I love love love her too. The blue hair adds individulality and character too. I really like them all. Looks like fun fun. Makes me want to get my paint out. This spring, I am going to fix up my storage room at the shop and make me a studio. I am going to really do it this time. I am I am. Then we will have a place to paint when you COME TO VISIT. Yes???? Keep up the painting and creativity.

Love Ya Heapes, Bibbi