Wednesday, June 4

My latest painting...

I just completed this painting and thought I'd share it with my blog readers. It only took a couple of days to do it. I'm getting faster and learning little tricks. My biggest problem is trying to make things perfect. Or to not spend too much time on the details. I'm pretty happy with the way this one turned out. I was inspired by a painting I saw on the Art & Tea Blog. I've also seen very similar paintings by other artists. I guess Poppies are a popular flower to paint. Anyway, thanks for looking!


Anonymous said...

Hey Rischa! It's Joy, Chris's wife! I was looking for yours or Joel's email address and remembered you posted on our blog a while back and so I found your blog and I LOVE your painting! You are so talented! Also, that is a great picture of you! I hope you are doing well. Chris and I are going to be in Orlando in a couple of weeks with 33 Miles and we wanted to try to connect with you and Joel while we are there. I'll get your number from Sandy or something so we can talk soon. :)

Anonymous said...

Great job! I love the colors especially the poke a spotted vase. The colors will go great in your living room. Now, when are you going to finish to big one that you started with the big red and orange tree? I like what you have done on it so finish it? Lol
Keep up the good work. Art is wide open for anyone that wants to hold a brush.

Love Ya Heapes, Bibbi